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About Me

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. - Ernest Hemingway

I'm not that special. I'm not some trainer that's been in shape his whole life, played sports, and has 8 abs that I grate my cheese on. I'm just like anyone else. I struggle with motivation, I over eat, I know what it is like to feel out of shape most of my life. What I can say is that I've spent the last 10 years devoting my life to making other people feel their most optimal selfs. My workouts aren't designed as torture sessions that leave you couch ridden with an icepack and ibuprofen. Instead they are designed to make you feel better and more effectively participate in life's activities. After consistent training, you'll feel stronger, have more endurance, better flexibility, and of course look aesthetically different. The journey isn't easy but it's worth it. I can't make the first step for you but I can lead the way. Come train with me virtually anywhere in the world via Zoom or Skype!

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What I Do

Fitness for High Quality Living.

11 Years Experience.

Personal Trainer, NSCA.

Online Trainer.

Gym Equipments

Strength Training.

Strong muscles leads to strong ligaments and tendons. Strong ligaments lead to strong bones. Strong bones leads to less joint pain. A strong overall body increases the stability through everyday movements. This is important for longevity. For all you aesthetic people, yes a strong body looks good too!

Workout with Ropes


Yes burning fat is a benefit. I like to call it a side effect. Your heart health and increased oxygen production are the main goals here. This is not torture, this is allowing you to participate in life's activities more efficiently.

Outdoor Aerobics


The more range of motion within a movement results in more muscle recruitment. This leads to ideal performance of the body. Flexibility isn't just stretching. It consists of optimal mobility through all planes of motion.

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Client Testimonials

After receiving news that cancer had returned, I began working virtually with Jon in late 2012 to increase endurance and strength for surgery.  He helped prepare me for the battle where other trainers previously fell short.  Fast forward 8 years to 2020, several recurrences & surgeries later and I am still training with Jon 3x a week. It is because of his commitment, knowledge and ability to adapt workouts that accommodate not only how I'm feeling but any medical issues that I feel victorious.  I have never trusted a coach more than I have learned to trust Jon.  That became apparent one session early on when I was struggling.  He kept it real saying  "I had two options. Throw in the towel or use it to wipe my face and keep going".   He went on to say he would be with me every step of the way and see me through the battle(s). To this day, Jon has never not been true to his word.  He goes above and beyond for his clients whatever their needs or goals.  For me personally, it's not about the aesthetics (but I'll take that too)  it's about staying healthy.  
~ Female Client, 52 years old.

I’ve been working with Jon Gustin since July 2016. After having completed P90X training, I’d fallen off the wagon, as life with young children and a hectic career got in the way. Jon’s approach works well for me – honing in on the key areas where I need it most, pushing me to give my best and stressing core strength and fitness that better equips me for what I encounter in day to day life.
- Male Client. 56 years old.

I started with Jon Gustin in October, 2011. After many years of dealing with Sciatica and many other back problems, I decided to contact Jon Gustin to help me. Jon and I spoke about my needs and he evaluated what I was able to do. From there, we started our virtual workout sessions, mostly doing body weight exercises, light weights, and using bands. After a while, we added heavier weights and other exercise equipment. At the beginning of every session, we would talk about how I am feeling and any concerns I was dealing with that day. Jon will modify our sessions based on how I am feeling and what I can do that day, but always there to challenge me to new exercises. Each exercise is well planned out, making me healthier and stronger. 

As a kindergarten teacher, I have made every excuse not to stop at the local gym after work. Scheduling these sessions keeps me accountable. I know I cannot use the excuse of “I’m too tired” or “it is too hot/cold/rainy/snowy”, I can work out right in my living room using my computer. These sessions, not only help me physically, but also helps me mentally. It relieves me from the stress of the day. By the end of the session, I know I had a great workout. I feel better mentally and physically. 

To have Jon Gustin as my virtual trainer was my best decision I ever made. I have become healthier and stronger. I have reduced my problems with my back and Sciatica. This is all thanks to Jon.

- Female Client. 53 years old.

When I started training with Jon, I was in need of a serious kick in the pants to get my workouts on track. I really enjoy his weight training and bootcamp class. He manages to balance pushing me to my limits and simultaneously giving me confidence in my incremental accomplishments. Jon is knowledgeable and I’ve learned so much about fitness from him.
- Female Client. 38 years old.

A little more than a year ago, I was completely out of shape and tired all of the time. Life had just gotten in the way. But I was too intimidated to do anything about it; I didn’t know where to start. That’s when I called Jon. In a little more than a year, I’ve lost over 20 lbs of body fat, I’m stronger than I have been in decades and, most important, I have enough energy to keep up with my 7 year old daughter, which is saying a lot. I look forward to our regular workouts, which Jon makes both challenging and fun.
- Male Client. 40 years old.

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